Go after the source of email spam with Star69 for Mac OS X

Don’t filter your e-mail for spam, go after the source. Star69 determines an e-mail’s originating ISP/network, identifying the e-mail contact for that network. It then allows you to automatically generate a customizable, ready-to-send complaint message, so you can let the ISP know about any illegal use of their network. Star69 also makes a system Service available, aloowing the use of selected raw source of an e-mail from any application. Star69 is 108K freeware.

Developer Adam Ohren states on his website, “Keep in mind that you are probably not be getting the people who are directly responsible for the spam, however, you are getting the network that transmitted it to yours. It’s highly unlikely that this information would be false in the headers. If so, the headers modified by either your ISP or the one that gave it to yours. By comlaining to the network right before it got to yours, you are simply letting them know that their network is being used to distribute spam. Hopefully, if they can see that it’s really annoying people, they can do something about it.” More info and download link here.

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