Microspot X-RIP a professional Mac OS X printer driver for large format printers

This new version of Microspot X-RIP supports printing by both direct connection (USB) and over a network (TCP/IP). The master computer on the network prints via the local network to any supported printers connected to it. Other computers on the network can also print using Printer Sharing or if greater rasterizing capacity is needed then they may be allowed to rasterize using additional hardware keys. Printers must be connected using their in-built network connection or an approved external network box.

Also new in this version is support for custom paper sizes. The user can set up and save his own paper sizes and use them whenever they are needed.

Improvements have been made when printing to Virtual Printers (to file). The print files created now have the same name as the document and smoother operation is insured by improvements in the UNIX file handling.

More info here.

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