Apple intros free seminar ‘Time to move to Mac OS X’ for education IT professionals

With its power and stability, open standards, and ease of use, Mac OS X is ideally suited to educational institutions. Now, with this free technical seminar, you can learn how easy it is to make the move.

“Integrating Mac OS X on Campus” seminar shows how easily Mac OS X can be integrated into mixed computing environments. You’ll learn how UNIX-based Mac OS X integrates with Active Directory, LDAP v3, and Kerberos, and discover open source client management tools, including Radmind and RsyncX.

Drawing on the successes of major universities and colleges participating in the Mac OS X Lab Deployment Project and the expertise of Apple engineers, the seminar provides real-world solutions for installing, maintaining, and managing Mac OS X systems in any environment.

Register for a seminar in your community here.

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