Display your system’s memory usage in the Mac OS X Dock

Display your system’s memory usage in the Dock with Memory Monitor. Memory Monitor is a small Mac OS X application works like CPU Monitor displays the CPU usage. It is published under the GNU General Public License, and the source code is included in the download. More info and download link here.

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  1. It is slightly more informative than “iPulse” by graphing the activity. But, I usually just need to know what’s going on at the moment, and not so concerned about what happened 10 seconds ago. iPulse also displays CPU, network, and hard drive usage/activity in a single clock-like display as well as a very useful and informative “preferences”. Like Memory Monitor, it can be in the dock or on the desktop. iPulse is also more configurable. With iPulse, one glance can tell you what might be slowing things down (not enough memory, slow downloading, hard drive full, etc.) I am not affiliated with iPulse in any way other than I find it to be a very good tool.

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