Veg out with OnyxTREE Professional Suite 6 for Mac OS X

Onyx Computing, Inc., a software developer of vegetation creators and procedural modelers, today announced the new release of its worldwide known and well respected OnyxTREE Professional Suite.

New OnyxTREE Professional Suite 6 is a suite of four dedicated vegetation creators for procedural modeling of broadleaf trees and bushes (OnyxTREE BROADLEAF), conifer trees and bushes (OnyxTREE CONIFER), palms and related species (OnyxTREE PALM), and bamboos and related species (OnyxTREE BAMBOO). All four modelers export 3D objects in six most widely used file formats: 3DS, C4D, DXF, FACT, LWO, and OBJ. They also export high resolution images of plants as BMP(PICT) and TARGA files.

New, version 6, OnyxTREE BROADLEAF, OnyxTREE CONIFER, and OnyxTREE PALM now support the wind feature which allows a plant in the wind to be viewed and exported as a high resolution image or 3D object. The wind speed and direction as well as wind gusts can be adjusted. OnyxTREE BAMBOO supports bamboo growth which allows a bamboo to be viewed and exported in different stages of growth. The growth sequences can also be exported as sequences of 3D object files.

All four modelers feature a communication protocol which enables direct transfer of 3D objects to Electric Image Universe and the animation of wind and growth. “This is the first time that anybody in the computer graphics field has joined the power of two standalone applications to work together in accomplishing a task that, otherwise, would take much longer or could not be accomplished at all. Such a concept certainly strikes into the essence of collaborative work: it saves so much time and drudgery to the user and brings otherwise impossible new features on the table” says Bojana Bosanac, the president of Onyx Computing.

The package comes with the libraries of more than 330 ready-to-use broadleaf trees and bushes, conifer trees and bushes, palms, and bamboos. More info here.

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