Seattle Times columnist finds ‘sweet spot’ in Mac product lineup

“Every computer in Apple’s four quadrants “personal and business, desktop and laptop” has been given a speed boost, a price drop or some new features… The sweetest spots in the current overlap of price, performance and utility are clearly the $999 eMac, the $999 iBook and the 17-inch, $1,799 iMac. These models lack expandability beyond memory, but they have the features of much more expensive models without huge sacrifices in speed. Send a student off to school or equip a home business with any of these three. Production professionals might lean toward the dual 1.25- or 1.42-gigahertz PowerMacs ($1,999 or $2,699) that have every feature Apple can pour on plus enough speed to carry out the most demanding graphics tasks.”

“Apple’s new technology includes AirPort Extreme, a 54 megabit-per-second wireless networking standard, and FireWire 800, an 800 Mbps (megabits per second) version of FireWire, which previously ran at half that speed and is now called FireWire 400 to differentiate it. AirPort Extreme and FireWire 800 might be available to older and current models through external adapters or internal PC and PCI cards,” reports Glenn Fleishman for The Seattle Times. Full article here.

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