Baltimore Sun: iLife devoid of ‘hassles and conflicts common to the PC world’

“For the past couple of years, one of the best reasons for an average consumer to buy an Apple Macintosh over a Windows PC has been the included set of multimedia software — iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto and iDVD. On Jan. 31, Apple Computer Inc. released upgrades to three of the four components of what it has christened “iLife,” but the software has more than a new name. Each program now interacts with its siblings, making such multimedia projects as slide shows and movies easy enough for virtually anyone to master. While Apple has added several nice features to each of the “iApps,” by far the most valuable is the degree of integration,” writes David Zeiler for The Baltimore Sun. Near the end of his article, Zeiler wraps up with, “With a basket of new features and seamless integration, the iLife suite embodies the essence of the Mac experience: easy-to-use software that enables and amplifies the user’s creativity without the hassles and conflicts common to the PC world.” Full story here.

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