Safari pique: Microsoft halts work on Internet Explorer 6 for Mac

“In the latest twist in the twenty five year long poker game between Apple and Microsoft, the impeccably reliable Nick de Plume of Think Secret suggests that Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit has halted work on Internet Explorer 6 for Mac OS X… Nick suggests the suspension of this major rewrite may be a resource problem, with Microsoft management wanting to commit to MSN Explorer instead. But which ever way you slice it, this very much looks like a work-to-rule. A realistic audience for MSN amongst Apple users is optimistically in the low six figures, while every new Mac purchaser is a potential Internet Explorer user: a far larger number. So the decision looks like Microsoft responding to Apple’s message of “we can do this ourselves” in kind,” reports Andrew Orlowski for The Register. Full article here.

MacDailyNews take: Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac? What’s that?


  1. With Apple developing its own browser, and M$ owning a lot of internet content, it really has no huge incentive to develop the free webbrowser for Mac, just getting Mac users to go to its websites which was what IE was good at since every upgrade defaulted your homepage to MSN…

  2. I knew this story was going to be picked apart. If anyone bothered to read the original story. IE was put on hold so they can concentrate on getting MSN 8 out the door. I don’t think Microsoft would give up on a 1 1/2 year re-write just because Apple came out with a beta browser.

  3. MSN 8? ROTFLMFAO! MSN 8, with a change at maybe 200-400K Mac users total market or IE, an app with a shot at 10-20 million Mac users. Let’s concentrate on MSN 8!

    BDK = foolish moron. Sorry to be blatant, but your comment is just so damn foolish.

  4. “BDK = foolish moron. Sorry to be blatant, but your comment is just so damn foolish.”

    Actually, BDK is spot on. The MacBU only has so many programmers available to work on any given project. They can’t exactly mount the Windows-style human-wave frontal assault.

    As for BDK’s mental abilities, let’s do some math.

    10-20 million potential Mac IE 6 users. 300-400K Mac MSN 8 users, each with a monthly SUBSCRIPTION, plus collateral marketing opportunities.

    Yep, the priority item is the one that makes no money. That’s why you get all that high-quality free content with cable TV, like CSPAN 1, CSPAN 2 and Public Access TV.

  5. 1. make that 200-400K “brain-dead” MSN Mac users. Why a Mac user would sign up with MSN is beyond imagination.

    2. MS wants to cede 10-20 million browsers, thereby eliminating their ability to sew up the Web with their shoddy “solutions” in order to upgrade 200-400K MSN Mac users’ crapware?

    3. Try again, TDMG. You make me laugh harder than BDK. Does TDMG stand for Too Dense and Mostly Gullible?

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