CTO thinking of switching to Mac due to Microsoft security ineptitude

“Computer security experts said on Thursday the recent “SQL Slammer” worm, the worst in more than a year, is evidence that Microsoft’s year-old security push is not working.

‘Trustworthy Computing is failing,’ Russ Cooper of TruSecure said of the Microsoft initiative. ‘I gave it a ‘D-minus’ at the beginning of the year, and now I’d give it an ‘F’.’

‘Microsoft was completely hosed (from Slammer). It took them two days to get out from under it,’ said Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer of Counterpane Internet Security, a network monitoring service provider. ‘It’s as hypocritical as you can get.’

‘We should have done a better job’ in protecting the company’s own network, Mike Nash, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s security business unit, said on Wednesday. ‘We understood some things customers were facing and it, in some ways, helped us. It was a learning course.’

In the meantime, Schneier said he was thinking of switching from Windows to the Macintosh platform because of all the security issues. ‘My wife has a Mac and she doesn’t worry about viruses, trojans, leaks…,’ he said.

A Consumer Reports survey last year found that virus infection rates on Macs are half what they are on Windows, noted Smith. ‘Is that because Macs are safer? I think the answer is yeah,” reports Reuters. Full article here.


  1. BS — Macs have so few viruses to contend with as to be nearly non-existent — last virus infection that swept through our 2700+ Macs was, oh . . . . hmmmmm, uhhhh, well, let me think about it a moment — 1992?

    Beyond that, the MS macro virus only caused minor headaches with opening and saving MS WORD files — the operation of the Mac with any other application was unaffected — the MS macro virus did not affect the overall operation of the Mac.

    We had only a handful (7-8) Macs that became infected with the MS macro virus — was easy to get rid of, and was able to restore infected Word files.

  2. Apple should use the low infection rates of Macs aggressively in the Switch campaign.

    Windows users are in _real_hell_ with viruses. I have been cleaning my colleague’s PC from viruses _EVERY_ 2 weeks now (and they have all come just by using email!!), and in 3 months, MS Win has been installed like 5 times! And he had all those anti-virus programs installed, but none really helped. Let them stay in hell and suffer (when they don’t know better), not only by being abused with Windows, but also by using Windows viruses!

    P.S. He has lost all his emails and contacts [addresses] (even some really important ones) with the last istallation. Poor Windows users.

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