IDC analyst says Power Macs offer a ‘lot of value’ at aggressive new price points

“Apple cut the price of the 1 gigahertz Power Mac G4, which runs at a speed of 1 billion cycles per second, to $1,499 from $1,699. That’s the lowest price point it has offered in the Power Mac line since the late 1990s, said Tom Boger, director of Power Mac product marketing. It also lowered its price on the 1.25 gigahertz Power Mac G4 to $1,999 from $2,499, he said. The lower prices still put the Apple machines at the high end of the curve in terms of PC prices industrywide but are an improvement in terms of price and performance. ‘In the past, they’ve charged a premium for the specialized environment and they have been working on trying to get more aggressive,’ said IDC analyst Roger Kay. ‘They still hit higher price points, but you are getting a lot of value in that price point,’ Kay said,” reports Fox News here.


  1. Not buying squat until the next generation chip is intro’d later this year. If you need one right now these are great, but I see no reason to upgrade my sawtooth since it has a g4/800 upgrade card in it. The new monitor line is so sweet!!!!

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