Create multiple Docks; place Dock at top of screen with DockFun

DockFun! is a simple utility which lets you have an infinite number of Mac OS X Docks, so you can organize all your applications in tidy sets. Then you’ll choose which dock you want turned on, with a single click. You can have a dock of internet applications on the left part of the screen so that makes more room to the browser window, or you can have a dock with huge icons and great zoom effect for show the coolness of Quartz. DockFun! also lets you enable all the hidden preferences of the dock (for example put the dock at the top of the screen).

What?s New in this Version
-Memory management much improved.
-It?s faster rendering new dock stripes!.
-Application icons are showed in the status bar menu too!
-Few minor core improvements.

More info and download link here.


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