Wirelessly beam MP3 files from your Mac to your stereo with HomePod

HomePod is a digital stereo component that allows users to take advantage of their existing wireless network to beam MP3 files stored on their Macs to devices located anywhere in the house. HomePod was just recently announced at the MacWorld Expo held in San Francisco from Jan. 7-10, 2003. HomePod lets you select from any computer in your home or office and choose the music you want to listen to on any speaker or headphone set. HomePod even works outside on the patio, in the garden or while organizing your garage, according to the maker, GLOOLABS.

The handheld device functions just like an iPod, with the ability to browse by artists, style and song name. The device checks how many computers are on the wireless network and pools all the song lists together. HomePod features an 802.11b wireless network interface, stereo line and headphone outputs, a Firewire port, LCD display and control buttons, and a USB port. More info here.

If Steve Jobs had announced Apple were making this product during his keynote, imagine the press attention it would have received worldwide.

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