Bill Gates on Apple’s ‘Keynote’ app: ‘I doubt what they’ve done is as rich as PowerPoint’

Bill Gates, in an interview yesterday from Reuters, was asked about Apple’s new presentation app called Keynote, his “remarks came a day after Apple introduced two new programs that compete with already dominant software offerings from Microsoft. One of those new Apple offerings, called Keynote, is positioned to compete with Microsoft’s PowerPoint, while a Web browser called Safari could replace Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for Mac users. ‘I doubt what they’ve done is as rich as PowerPoint,’ said Gates, who added he had not seen Apple’s program,” reports Reuters. Full story here.


  1. The article this came from mentions that the keynote started with a montage that compare the Altair to the iMac. Does anyone know what context this was in? Was it pro or anti iMac? Just curious.

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