Kiplinger’s: ‘you don’t have to be a flake to appreciate a Mac’

Michael J. Martinez gets it moslty right, after a few gaffes such as calling Rendezvous a “program,” neglecting to mention that users can “sidegrade” (pay the upgrade price to switch from Windows versions of your software to Macintosh versions, instead of buying full retail versions), and actually writing, “Apple has persuaded major software makers to write Mac versions,” as if the developers were doing Apple a favor, instead of profiting from a base of millions of Mac users. A sampling, “Lower prices and better software have made switching from a PC practical. First, Apple appealed to the artistic and intuitive right half of our brain with iMacs rendered in Life Savers hues and endowed with floating flat-panel screens. Then its effortless, intuitive software was expanded to create movies and DVDs, manage music, and store photos. But our logical left half always got hung up on the bottom line — until now. Apple’s prices have fallen close to those of PCs. So, we agree with Apple’s ad campaign that it’s time to consider making ‘the switch.’ But unlike what the campaign implies, you don’t have to be a flake to appreciate a Mac,” Martinez writes. Read the full article here.

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