Analyst remarks on touch-screen video iPod II with ‘cell-phone connectivity’

“The new device would have video capabilities and possibly a touch screen and wireless capabilities… ‘I think any rumors about a tablet computer are a smokescreen for iPod II,’ said Richard Doherty, president of research firm Envisioneering Group.

Technology Business Research analyst Tim Deal agreed. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple introduce an iPod with touch-screen capabilities as well as additional applications to include cell-phone connectability and gaming as it continues to evolve into a fully functional PDA,’ he said. ‘A wireless iPod with bolstered display features would allow users to share and view digital (pictures) and videos on the fly.’

Doherty said Apple has been working on a video-capable iPod-like device for some time. ‘Originally, Apple had planned to announce iPod II at Expo Tokyo,’ he said. In December, IDG canceled next month’s Macworld Expo/Tokyo. ‘We think the product can be announced, if not shipped now,’ Doherty added.

The iPod II, in fact, is one of three principal pieces of hardware in Apple

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