Analyst: Windows users are not making the switch; Apple to look for other revenue streams

“‘Windows users are not making the switch as Apple had hoped, and now the company is pulling a Microsoft-like move by bundling popular applications and pasting a ‘premium’ price tag to them,'” said analyst Tim Deal of Technology Business Research. TBR’s Deal said he isn’t surprised that Apple is making changes that could affect its emphasis on the Mac as a hub for digital media. ‘Last year, Apple introduced a Windows-compatible version of the iPod, signaling the company’s intention to take advantage of revenue opportunities that do not add value to its integrated digital hub strategy,’ he said. Deal, however, was critical of the new fees, noting that Apple’s campaign to lure Windows PC users to the Mac did little to offset weaker-than-usual holiday sales. [Charging for] ‘iApps will be Apple’s attempt to staunch the flow of bleeding revenue from its lagging sales initiatives,'” as reported by Joe Wilcox for CNET No other information about the numbers of “Switchers” was given in the article here.

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