RUMOR: Apple removing IDG from Expo equation; to organize bicoastal expos internally

Several sources have been saying for weeks now that Apple intends to continue bicoastal Apple Expos on both U.S. coasts, in New York City (Boston is not mentioned) and San Francisco, but they intend to go it alone without IDG. No mention of an Apple-run Tokyo Expo has been reported. Now, LoopRumors reports, “Sources are saying that Apple is very tightlipped about a new project underway. There is much speculation that they will organize their own Apple Trade Show. Sources inside the company have been very secretive about negotiations with trade show exhibitors and show organizers in regards to implementing an Apple Expo. The idea of creating a self-induced expo has long been a thought of Apple. Since moving the show from New York to Boston, Apple pulled out of the Boston show and said they would not participate. IDG World Expo produces the Macworld trade shows held each year in San Francisco and New York. Apple has committed to participating in the January show, but has not confirmed for future shows. We don’t expect to hear any substantial information until after the Macworld San Francisco.”

Read the LoopRumors piece here.

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