Michael Dell says secret of success is to ‘never stop innovating’ (opi

In Business 2.0’s, “The Experts’ Guide to Success in 2003,” Founder and CEO of Dell Computer, Michael Dell gives advice on “how to thrive in a sick economy.” Dell writes, “Never rest. Always find ways to improve. Never stop innovating or taking risks… Keep raising the bar, not just for the industry but for yourself.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Dell’s success based upon turning Wintel iron into a commodity item by assembling boxes containing other company’s components, packaged with another company’s operating system, to become the “Wal-Mart of the personal computer industry,” to quote Steve Jobs?

Do people accept Michael Dell’s premise that Dell “innovates” in anything except driving down the cost of commodity Wintel PC’s? Dell seems more like an anal-retentive efficiency expert than anything remotely resembling an innovator. Perhaps billions of dollars in the bank creates deranged illusions of grandeur, but the last time I looked, the only thing unique about Dell’s assembly line of mass-market Wintel boxes is its massive capacity to spread mediocrity around the globe faster than any other Wintel box assembler.

Read Dell’s delusions in Business 2.0 here.

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  1. Dell offers a full range of well supported and proven technology, for a lot less than an equivelent mac. You call it mediocre, I call it value for anyone who wants a turnkey system that will run 95% of the software in the world. I love to yak with mac guys that correlate pc’s with cheez whiz…..because pc’s have SCOREBOARD BABY and macs only have an ethereal indefinable something that appeals to the true believers and leaves the rest laughing.

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