Turn any PC-only 802.11b wireless card into a Mac-compatible card

Macsense gives you one more freedom, the freedom to use a PC wireless PCMCIA card on your Apple PowerBook. The AeroCard Universal Driver is a universal Mac driver that is compatible with over 30 most popular 802.11b wireless LAN cards on the PC market today. A complete list of supported Wireless 802.11b PCMCIA Cards is listed at the link below.

Now, you can turn any PC-only wireless card into a Mac-compatible card. Enjoy the broad selection of wireless cards in the PC market today; share a card between Mac and PC; or turn your current PC wireless card into a Mac-compatible card as well.

Download the free evaluation version and test it for yourself. The evaluation version will function normally and will have full functions for a trial period of thirty minutes. After the trial period, you can reboot to renew the thirty minute trial period, or you can purchase a driver license to remove the time restriction.

Both OS 9 and OS X (up to 10.2) drivers are available. Information and download links here.

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