RUMOR: iChat soon to morph into Jetson’s video phone

“The popular theory that both functions will be part of future versions of iChat (most likely voice first, then video) appears to be quite correct. A developmental version with support for voice chat — specifically, iPhone — is currently in the possession of certain parties friendly to Mac OS Rumors,” so reports MOSR in an intriguing report. If true, iChat could become much more valuable (even for, gasp, corporations) as a carrier of voice and video conferencing. Is the Macintosh poised to become the first widely-used practical video phone of Jetson’s lore? It shouldn’t be too hard for Apple, of all entities, to eclipse Microsoft’s rather shoddy NetMeeting. And could the iPhone also be a name for a Apple-branded video camera this technology would require? Read more at Mac OS Rumors here.

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