Law Prof: Microsoft effectively allowed to break the laws of the United States

“Massachusetts’ Tom Reilly and West Virginia’s Darrell McGraw are walking a hard and lonely road in appealing a federal judge’s decision to generally accept Microsoft’s antitrust settlement with the Bush administration, legal experts say. Even detractors of the settlement see the effort by the two state attorneys general to get more far-reaching sanctions as a long shot.

‘I have nothing but admiration for Massachusetts in appealing this, and I agree with them that [U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly’s] order effectively allows Microsoft to break the laws of Massachusetts and the United States, but I don’t think their chances are real great,’ said Norman Hawker, a Western Michigan University law professor,” reports William L. Watts for Read the whole article here.

MacDailyNews: “The consumers can levy the ultimate penalty against Microsoft, but, sadly, 95% of them seem to be oblivious.”

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