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Archives: December 2002

  1. Secret Jaguar 10.2.3 feature: Drag and Drop Printing

    One nice feature of Jaguar 10.2.3 that you may not know about is Drag and Drop Printing. “Don’t believe it? Drag a document to the Print Center icon and just watch what happens…

  2. Remotely control iTunes over a network with netTunes

    If you

  3. Kensington MouseWorks for Mac OS X driver released

    MouseWorks for Mac OS X is a driver for Kensington input devices running under Mac OS X. It provides enhanced acceleration, scrolling support, and configurability for Kensington’s current USB and ADB mice and trackballs, plus one-touch access to favorite web pages and applications using the …

  4. Add Jelloballs and Rainbow Twirlers to Mac OS X Screen Effects

    Screen Saver “Circles” randomly spawns various objects on the screen. These objects age for a while and leave. Objects include Circles, Jelloballs, Rectangles, Polygons, Meshed Polygons, Twirlers and …

  5. Conquer the world with iConquer for Mac OS X

    Kavasoft has announced the release of iConquer 1.1.1, a game of world conquest for 1 to 6 players designed for Mac OS X.iConquer allows up to 6 players to play over the Internet. iConquer can also be played against your computer, using complex artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate ferocious adversaries.iConquer takes full advantage of the Aqua interface and the Quartz graphics system, …

  6. Find active Airport networks fast with iStumbler

    5{5b is a utility for finding local wireless networks and services. iStumbler combines a compact Aqua user interface advanced wireless scanning and reporting. This release adds a graph view of signal to noise for the selected network along with an updated interface. View the Change Log to see what’s…

  7. Got the Right Stuff? Fly ‘The Wings of Mercury’ for Mac OS X

    A-OK! The Wings of Mercury (A-OK! WoM) is a realistic simulation of the Mercury spacecraft. It features 3D graphics, fully functional control panels, networked simulations, and a complete manual. Not a game, A-OK! WoM is so realistic, you will use the actual checklists used by the astronauts. …

  8. Microsoft’s hometown newspaper publishes recipe for switching to Mac

    In his article, “5-step recipe for a well-done Apple switch,” Charles Bermant writes, “The experience will differ person to person, but the move from the PC to the Macintosh can be traced in five basic steps:” select the hardware, select the software, move files, polish the environment, and learn the…

  9. 140 more news sources and horoscopes for your iPod now in Pod2Go

    Pod2Go is a small, easy to use application that will download news, weather, stock quotes and more onto your iPod. Plugging in your iPod is all you have to do to sync your news and weather onto your iPod. Once on the iPod, the items will be categorized so you can quickly browse through them. …

  10. Apple to release new computers and devices that dynamically change color?

    Apple has applied for a new United States Patent, number 20020190975, for a “computing device with dynamic ornamental appearance.”

    “The invention pertains to electronic devices capable of dynamically changing their ornamental or decorative appearance, i.e., the outer appearance as seen by a user. The electronic devices generally include an illuminable housing. The …

  11. Switchers Icon Set debuts for Mac OS X; includes Ellen Feiss icon

    Every single person who has ever appeared in a Apple “Switcher” ad is in this icon set. You can make Ellen Feiss your music folder. Or Aaron Adams your Hard Disk. Maybe even have Fabiola Torres grace…

  12. Give your Mac a case of the Measles

    Measles, from Stick Software, provides you with little bouncy colorful spheres on your desktop. They can be configured to act as CPU monitors, changing color according to how busy your machine is, or they can… Read More

  13. Merry Christmas to all (especially to new and returning Mac users) (op

    If you just bought your first computer and it’s a Mac, smart move. Congratulations! If you just bought your first Mac, what took you so long? Just kidding, welcome to the party! If you just came back to the Mac this Christmas, welcome home…

  14. Merry Christmas to all (especially to new and returning Mac users) (op

    If you just bought your first computer and it’s a Mac, smart move. Congratulations! If you just bought your first Mac, what took you so long? Just kidding, welcome to the party! If you just came back to the Mac this Christmas, welcome home…

  15. Microsoft plots Macromedia acquisition as plot against Java

    “Microsoft Corp is believed to have trained its acquisition crosshairs on Macromedia Inc, lining up a deal that would throw enterprise Java into a spin, Gavin Clarke writes. Industry and analyst sources believe Microsoft covets… Read More

  16. Apple Computer Quarterly Income Statement released

    Apple Computer’s Quarterly Income Statement has been released. It covers up to the period ending September 28, 2002. The full report can be seen here.

  17. eWeek adds to Marklar (OS X on x86) rumors; Apple may release server version

    “I want to touch on the latest flurry of reports about Apple’s sub rosa Mac OS X-on-x86 efforts, a longstanding project to which we first applied a code name (Marklar) and a project size (somewhere… Read More

  18. Washington Times’ Desktop computer of the year: 17” iMac

    “Desktop computer of the year: You have to ask? Apple Computer’s 17-inch iMac, cost $1,999, referenced here last week as a great holiday gift. Nothing else comes close to its fresh design, innovative features and… Read More

  19. Middle school students use Apple Macs to attend virtual school online

    “Maria Harris pulled her three children out of an Akron middle school because she was dissatisfied. But she ultimately decided to stay with Akron. Rather than turning to one of the charter schools run by… Read More

  20. Former MTV VJ Adam Curry calls iCal ‘an incredibly good looking piece of crap’

    Former MTV VJ Adam Curry asks in his weblog, “Is it just me, or is iCal an incredibly good looking piece of crap?” He explains, “Don’t get me wrong, the program works like a charm,… Read More

  21. Animated Christmas wreath for your Mac OS X Dock

    The download is still there for “Wreath-in-the-Dock” even if the developer StimpSoft isn’t. And, it still works fine in Jaguar 10.2.3. “Christmasify” your Dock for the season and, best of all, it’s freeware! Wreath-in-the-Dock is… Read More

  22. Apple to open 10th California retail store in Pasadena on January 7

    The Apple Store Pasadena will open on Tuesday, January 7th in Pasadena, California,. The grand opening will run from 6 pm – 10pm. The first 1000 people to visit the Apple store receive a free… Read More

  23. Apple’s boxing champ featured on TechTV tonight

    “She’s an Apple employee by day, and a warrior by night. Meet Kelsey Jeffries, a woman who may not seem like your average champion boxer. Despite standing 5 feet 5 inches tall, Jeffries has risen… Read More

  24. Milk 1.5 theme for Mac OS X 10.2.3 released

    Milk 1.5 by Max Rudberg. This is a very impressive theme; simple, white and nice. A whole new Mac for free and ready for Mac OS X 10.2.3/Duality 4. Features include:-New Boot Image-New Login Window-New… Read More

  25. Apple working on own web browser; new large screen iMac due at Macworld SF

    “Latest rumors suggest that several software updates are due, including the addition of videoconferencing capability to the iChat application launched earlier this year. The Sherlock Internet utility will likely get some new additions, including the… Read More