Kensington MouseWorks for Mac OS X driver released

MouseWorks for Mac OS X is a driver for Kensington input devices running under Mac OS X. It provides enhanced acceleration, scrolling support, and configurability for Kensington’s current USB and ADB mice and trackballs, plus one-touch access to favorite web pages and applications using the …

Conquer the world with iConquer for Mac OS X

Kavasoft has announced the release of iConquer 1.1.1, a game of world conquest for 1 to 6 players designed for Mac OS X.iConquer allows up to 6 players to play over the Internet. iConquer can also be played against your computer, using complex artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate ferocious adversaries.iConquer takes full advantage of the Aqua interface and the Quartz graphics system, …

Find active Airport networks fast with iStumbler

5{5b is a utility for finding local wireless networks and services. iStumbler combines a compact Aqua user interface advanced wireless scanning and reporting. This release adds a graph view of signal to noise for the selected network along with an updated interface. View the Change Log to see what’s…

Got the Right Stuff? Fly ‘The Wings of Mercury’ for Mac OS X

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury (A-OK! WoM) is a realistic simulation of the Mercury spacecraft. It features 3D graphics, fully functional control panels, networked simulations, and a complete manual. Not a game, A-OK! WoM is so realistic, you will use the actual checklists used by the astronauts. …

Microsoft’s hometown newspaper publishes recipe for switching to Mac

In his article, “5-step recipe for a well-done Apple switch,” Charles Bermant writes, “The experience will differ person to person, but the move from the PC to the Macintosh can be traced in five basic steps:” select the hardware, select the software, move files, polish the environment, and learn the…

140 more news sources and horoscopes for your iPod now in Pod2Go

Pod2Go is a small, easy to use application that will download news, weather, stock quotes and more onto your iPod. Plugging in your iPod is all you have to do to sync your news and weather onto your iPod. Once on the iPod, the items will be categorized so you can quickly browse through them. …

Apple to release new computers and devices that dynamically change color?

Apple has applied for a new United States Patent, number 20020190975, for a “computing device with dynamic ornamental appearance.”

“The invention pertains to electronic devices capable of dynamically changing their ornamental or decorative appearance, i.e., the outer appearance as seen by a user. The electronic devices generally include an illuminable housing. The …

Give your Mac a case of the Measles

Measles, from Stick Software, provides you with little bouncy colorful spheres on your desktop. They can be configured to act as CPU monitors, changing color according to how busy your machine is, or they can use a wide variety of color schemes and fill patterns. They can also change colors according to how much free […]

Microsoft plots Macromedia acquisition as plot against Java

“Microsoft Corp is believed to have trained its acquisition crosshairs on Macromedia Inc, lining up a deal that would throw enterprise Java into a spin, Gavin Clarke writes. Industry and analyst sources believe Microsoft covets San Francisco, California-based Macromedia’s Flash vector graphics design tool and player, which was radically updated this year. Microsoft’s own scripting […]

eWeek adds to Marklar (OS X on x86) rumors; Apple may release server version

“I want to touch on the latest flurry of reports about Apple’s sub rosa Mac OS X-on-x86 efforts, a longstanding project to which we first applied a code name (Marklar) and a project size (somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 software engineers, some of them transferred from Apple’s receding Mac OS 9 development efforts). Friends, […]

Washington Times’ Desktop computer of the year: 17” iMac

“Desktop computer of the year: You have to ask? Apple Computer’s 17-inch iMac, cost $1,999, referenced here last week as a great holiday gift. Nothing else comes close to its fresh design, innovative features and sheer bravado,” writes Mark Kellner for the Washington Times. Full article here.

Middle school students use Apple Macs to attend virtual school online

“Maria Harris pulled her three children out of an Akron middle school because she was dissatisfied. But she ultimately decided to stay with Akron. Rather than turning to one of the charter schools run by private companies, she instead chose an online one started by the Akron school district. Her children are among 115 students […]

Animated Christmas wreath for your Mac OS X Dock

The download is still there for “Wreath-in-the-Dock” even if the developer StimpSoft isn’t. And, it still works fine in Jaguar 10.2.3. “Christmasify” your Dock for the season and, best of all, it’s freeware! Wreath-in-the-Dock is an animated Christmas wreath for your dock. Simply launch the app and go. You can choose to have the lights […]

Apple’s boxing champ featured on TechTV tonight

“She’s an Apple employee by day, and a warrior by night. Meet Kelsey Jeffries, a woman who may not seem like your average champion boxer. Despite standing 5 feet 5 inches tall, Jeffries has risen to the top of the International Female Boxers Association as the 2002 Featherweight champ. As Jeffries’ online resume states, she […]

Milk 1.5 theme for Mac OS X 10.2.3 released

Milk 1.5 by Max Rudberg. This is a very impressive theme; simple, white and nice. A whole new Mac for free and ready for Mac OS X 10.2.3/Duality 4. Features include:-New Boot Image-New Login Window-New Scroll-New Startup ScreenInfo, screenshot, and download link here.

Apple working on own web browser; new large screen iMac due at Macworld SF

“Latest rumors suggest that several software updates are due, including the addition of videoconferencing capability to the iChat application launched earlier this year. The Sherlock Internet utility will likely get some new additions, including the ability to search the Web via and track UPS packages, among others. Apple is said to be working on […]

Apple releases preview of Script Editor 2.0; completely re-written for Mac�OS�X

“The Script Editor is the application used to read, write, record, and save AppleScript scripts. It is located in the AppleScript folder in the Applications folder on your hard drive. Script Editor version 2.0 has been completely re-written for Mac�OS�X and includes these new features and abilities: * Simplified easier-to-use interface* Find and Replace in […]

Mac OS X 10.2.3 debuts

Apple has released the Mac OS X 10.2.3 Update (and Mac OS X Server 10.2.3) via the Software Update control panel. The downloads have also been posted on the Apple site. According to Apple, “The 10.2.3 Update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for the following applications, utilities, and technologies: AppleScript, Classic compatibility, Disk Copy, […]

TechTV: how to build your own Mac G4 computer

“When it comes to PCs, geeks usually make a decision between buying a prebuilt computer or building one, component by component. This isn’t true when it comes to Macintoshes. You’re stuck with whatever Apple has to offer, with only a few measly dollars differentiating the products from retailer to retailer. Is it possible to build […]

Gateway ad features Apple PowerMac G4

“The latest issue of PC Magazine contains an advertisement for Gateway, which features an Apple PowerBook G4 being used to listen to music in an advertisement titled ‘Shoot, Edit, or Jam.’ We’ve posted an enhanced scan of the ad, which was originally provided to us by MacNN reader Dan Sloan,” reports The implosion continues […]

Sony segregates Mac users; confines Mac gamers to ghetto server

From Sony’s “EverQuest” game FAQ: “Q. Will PC/Mac users play together on the same server?A. No, Mac users will play on servers expressly created for the Mac community. There are several reasons for this, but the most compelling are game play related. Since most of the Mac users will be first-time customers of EQ, they […]

Apple issued 180 pink slips in fiscal fourth quarter

CNET reports that Apple laid off 180 employees in its fourth fiscal quarter. Apple said it is facing increasing pressure in the education market, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. “Many of the job cuts resulted from the Mac maker’s acquisition of software developer PowerSchool, according to a regulatory document filed with the […]

19” iMac coming at MacWorld will cost approximately US$3499

“New iMacs are definitely coming, one of our sources told us. And the 15″ won’t be sold anymore. But that’s not really news you will say. The interesting thing is that the new iMacs will be sold for something like $3499, which is quite expensive. If we are to trust our source, they will have […]

FireWire chosen as DVD-Audio interconnect standard

“The DVD Forum has chosen FireWire as their digital interconnect standard for DVD-Audio. Excellent! FireWire means one cable (rather than six) between your DVD-Audio-capable player and your preamp. Of course, you’ll need FireWire on both your player and preamp for this to work,” reports Charles Wiltgen at Full story here.

PC Magazine names FileMaker 6 “Editor’s Choice in Personal Databases’ over Microsoft Access

PC Magazine… has chosen thenew FileMaker Pro 6 database software as its Editor’s Choice for PersonalDatabases. The magazine’s editors selected FileMaker Pro 6 over Microsoft Access 2002and five other database products. ‘Ease-of-use, power and forward-looking features pushed the latest versionof FileMaker above the competition,’ writes PC Magazine. It also adds that ‘Beyond its best-in-class ease-of-use, […]

New Macintosh Business Unit General Manager named by Microsoft

“Microsoft today announced that Roz Ho has been named general manager of its Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU). Ho is an 11-year Microsoft veteran. She spent the past three years as the product unit manager leading the MacBU’s Silicon Valley team,” reports MacMinute. Read the full article here.

Memory Usage Getter graphically shows memory usage for Mac OS X

Memory Usage Getter is a program which graphically shows the memory usage of open processes and applications in an easy-to-use interface that provides useful information, not cryptic data. Version 2.1 is an overhaul of Memory Usage Getter, now written in Objective-C as opposed to AppleScript Studio. The result? It’s much faster, it has a “more […]

OS Xmas icon set debuts

With Christmas approaching fast, your Mac shouldn’t be left out in the cold. From the ‘Perfect Snowman’ to the balls on the tree to wrapped presents, this comprehensive set of Chirstmas icons will give your Mac that holiday feel. More info and download link from the developer, widget : widget’s site here.

Freeware iPhoto companion application upgraded

PixelNhance, from Caffeine Software, is a real-time image enhancement application that lets you quickly and easily determine the best image adjustment settings for your image. For example, you can open up a document in PixelNhance and find the optimal sharpness for that image in a matter of seconds. Your image appears in a unique split-screen […]