How to ruin a perfectly good Mac: theme it with Win XP

Color us scared. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond us, but it is possible to turn Mac OS X Aqua into the Windows XP Luna appearance courtesy of Max Themes. This completes the circle for those who swear that Microsoft tried to copy Aqua right down to the name with the eerily similar, but just plain wrong “Luna.” They even stole the rubber duckie! Now you can make your Mac OS X machine look like Microsoft’s cartoon version of Mac OS X.

Please do not eat for a minimum of one hour prior to downloading Mac OS XP Luna 1.1 or Mac OS XP Silver 1.1 and don’t forget the Mac OS XP Wallpapers to complete the crime. Click here for the info, screenshots and download links. Click here for Max Themes home and for more themes.

Don’t forget that you need to have Duality installed to use these themes. Get it for free here.


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