Mac OS X and Quark prepare to shake up desktop publishing industry

“The publishing industry built atop Mac technology is bound for flux, as Apple Computer Inc., of Cupertino, Calif., and page-layout market leader Quark Inc., of Denver, both prepare to pull the plug on the classic Mac OS and focus exclusively on Mac OS X,” Andreas Pfeiffer writes in eWEEK. “While Apple’s September announcement that as of January, new Macs will only boot into Mac OS X garnered much attention from the Mac community, Quark’s simultaneous bombshell went almost unnoticed: During a session at Seybold Seminars in San Francisco, James Therrien, manager of professional services at Quark, acknowledged that the next major version of QuarkXPress will run only on Mac OS X… not Mac OS 9.” Quark is obviously on a glacial timescale, bu it looks like there’s finally been some melting. Read it here.

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