Apple gives .Mac members free copy of Alchemy Deluxe; discounted Bejeweled game

The member’s section of .Mac featured the following message today. “As a “welcome” gift, .Mac full members enjoy a free copy of Alchemy Deluxe, the latest release from PopCap Games. Can you turn ordinary stone to gold? Test your skills at arranging magic runes to accomplish this transformation. You can set your level of play, plus choose to work against the clock or in strategic mode. Alchemy Deluxe is optimized by Omni Group for Mac OS X.”

In addition, “.Mac full and trial members receive a $5 discount on Bejeweled Deluxe from PopCap Games. This is the brand-new Macintosh desktop version of the online puzzle game chosen as “Game of the Year” by Handheld Computing and Computer Gaming World. If you’ve played Bejeweled online, you’ll appreciate this version’s enhancements, which include shimmering mouseovers and a mesmerizing soundtrack. Bejeweled is optimized by the Omni Group for Mac OS X. Your shareware copy includes a $5 discount on an upgrade to the full version of Bejeweled Deluxe. You can download Bejeweled below or from the Software folder of your iDisk.”

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