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Archives: October 2002

  1. Beleagured Gateway ditches cow on its way to slaughterhouse

    The headline is not a typo. Beleaguered Gateway, still floundering for a handhold even though it rolled off the cliff a long time ago…

  2. Report says Apple Mac OS least vulnerable to attack

    “Based on the number of vulnerabilities announced in 2002 that affect operating systems, the SCO Unix, Apple Macintosh and Compaq Tru64 Operating Systems appear to be the least prone to hacker attack and damage from… Read More

  3. Microsoft Awaits Antitrust Ruling

    “A federal judge’s long-awaited decision Friday in the Microsoft Corp. antitrust case could give new choices to computer users — or plunge the giant software maker into a lengthy period of creative hibernation. Those are… Read More

  4. Gates pushing Tablet PC’s

    Microsoft are taking another run at pen computing on November 7th with the launch of a special version of Windows XP designed for the Tablet PC market. Gates sat down with BusinessWeek Seattle Bureau Chief… Read More

  5. Browse Different

    NetNewsWire has a little slogan on their website, “More news, less junk. Faster.” After about a week with the software, we have to say that little slogan is very true. NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use RSS… Read More

  6. OS X Quark still months away

    Need another reason to give Adobe InDesign a try? Beside Quark’s infamous reputation for customer support, now “Quark executives are telling major customers in Europe not to expect a Mac OS X release of Quark… Read More

  7. Microsoft incorporates FireWire support in latest iMovie knockoff

    Movie Maker 2 will support high-speed FireWire connections, a technology that Apple Computer Corp. has embraced for its computers, iPod MP3 player and iMovie series of video editing software. “The new program, which will be… Read More

  8. Judge rubber stamps most of Microsoft settlement

    A federal judge Friday accepted almost all of a proposed settlement in Microsoft’s antitrust case with the U.S. Justice Department. U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said sanctions against the software giant are to last… Read More

  9. Local paper reports on Apple retail store opening

    We’re always interested to see how local media outlets treat Apple and the Macintosh. In this case, the Towson Times reports on the opening of Apple’s Towson Town Center in Maryland. Reporter Bob Allen treats… Read More

  10. The ultimate screen effect for Macintosh: SereneScreen Marine Aquarium

    Billed as “The Ultimate Virtual Saltwater Aquarium,” the “SereneScreen Marine Aquarium” from Prolific Publishing easily exceeds its billing. This should be known instead as “The Ultimate Screen Effect for Macintosh.” This is simply the best… Read More

  11. Fortune magzine calls Mac OS X 10.2 ‘most impressive new software so far this year’

    “The most impressive new software so far this year is Apple OS X version 10.2, also known as Jaguar. Starting next year, all new Macs will be built around Jaguar ($129 for those upgrading from… Read More

  12. Architectural Record examines Apple Soho retail store design

    An anonymous architect wrote in to tell us about an Apple sighting in Architectural record. “Apple’s charismatic C.E.O. and founder, Steve Jobs, tapped architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ)

  13. RUMOR: PowerBook and iBook speed bumps; integrated Bluetooth coming Nov. 5

    “November 5 will see more than just PowerBook speed-bumps from Apple. Sources confirm the consumer iBook will also get an update as well, and a much-needed price cut. Neither model will get a face lift… Read More

  14. Dell to sell Apple’s iPod

    That is quite obviously a pig flying high overhead and, oh by the way, Dell Computer has started selling Apple’s iPod, according to a report from CNET…

  15. New ‘Classic Mac T-shirt’ stands up to Jaguar

    ZenBubblegum now has a Classic Mac T-shirt that “stands up to Jaguar” by displaying beloved icons of the classic Macintosh that have now been eliminated: the rainbow apple and the happy-Mac icon. See it here.

  16. Signs point to new Apple portables very soon

    “Predictions that Apple will revise its PowerBook G4 line on November 5 appear accurate as the AppleStore has extended its delivery time on TiBooks from 1-2 days to 3-5 days,” reports Remy Davison for Insanely… Read More

  17. Apple gains U.S. marketshare

    Market research firm International Data Corp.’s latest research numbers for Q1, 2002 show an increase in Apple’s market share in the United States. These first quarter 2002 numbers are “pre-Switch” campaign numbers. According to IDC,… Read More

  18. Customize your Internet Explorer Button Bar

    You can make IE your own with Alexander Wilson Studios’ release of over 50 new toolbar icons for the Mac OS X version of IE. Just download then drag and drop the icons into your… Read More

  19. Use an extended desktop with your iBook (ATI Radeon Mobility) in Mac OS X

    “Ever wondered why your new iBook (16MB VRAM) can’t display an extended desktop on an external screen even though it has a Radeon chip that does support this feature,” asks Klaus Rutem

  20. Speed up your Mac OS X productivity with MenuStrip

    MenuStrip is a multi-purpose utility for Mac OS X that allows quick access to frequently used settings, such as the computer volume, monitor resolution, and color depth, right from the OS X menubar. In version… Read More

  21. The lastest Mac OS X theme ‘Rhapsodized’

    Max Rudberg has done it again. Our Macs all look like Max’s “Brushed Aqua,” but now there’s “Rhapsodized,” which looks like a winner to us; we might have to switch. Smoother-looking than pure Aqua, it… Read More

  22. Three more Apple retail stores coming Saturday

    Apple has announced the upcoming openings of new retail stores in Las Vegas, Indianapolis, and Edina, MN scheduled for Saturday, November 2. It’s all on the retail section of the Apple site here.

  23. Palm answers Handspring Treo’s challenge; announces ‘Tungsten W’ handheld

    Palm has announced the ‘Tungsten W’ handheld. With the Tungsten W, you can access up to eight personal POP and IMAP accounts and securely access behind-the-firewall corporate email with a third-party VPN client. The Tungsten… Read More

  24. Sixteen warped jack o’lantern icons just released for Mac OS X

    JamieCo Designs has released “Warp o’Lanterns,” a collection of 16 warped jack o’lantern icons just in time to dress up your Mac o’lantern. More information and the download link are here.

  25. Ars Technica: Inside the IBM PowerPC 970

    Jon “Hannibal” Stokes goes into his aptly-self-described “mind numbing detail” in his preliminary look at the innards of the IBM PowerPC 970 that almost everyone expects to find inside Apple Macs as soon as possible.… Read More