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  1. Microsoft’s big hidden Windows 8 feature: Built-in advertising

    While people can expect ads in a free app, no one expects ads in a piece of software that they just paid good money for

  2. The Guardian: Microsoft’s Windows 8 is confusing as hell; an appalling user experience

    ‘Bastardisation’ implies a slapping together of mismatched features to achieve a level of supreme clunkiness…

  3. How to, uh, turn off Microsoft’s Windows 8

    Shutting off Windows used to be a simple matter of clicking the Start button…

  4. The 9 versions of Windows 8 show one of the key differences between Microsoft and Apple

    Windows 8 will be available in nine separate editions, but Apple puts all their goodies in one basket…

  5. Microsoft sees future in Windows 8 amid Mac and iPad rise

    Microsoft is scrambling to preserve what’s left of its kingdom…

  6. InfoWorld: Microsoft’s Windows 8 bogged down by legacy baggage

    Microsoft chose to build its new tablet OS on top of its old desktop OS…