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Tag: wind power

  1. Apple’s Oregon wind farm eyes bigger, and fewer, turbines

    Fewer but bigger turbines — the most powerful ever deployed in the Northwest…

  2. Apple takes 30% in Goldwind, China’s largest wind-turbine maker, to power its supply chain

    Apple has invested in four subsidiaries of Goldwind, China’s largest wind-turbine manufacturer…

  3. Apple developing wind power in China in exchange for Foxconn’s U.S. expansion?

    The world’s largest wind power turbine maker, Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology, announced a joint venture with Apple on wind power developments in China

  4. Apple poised to reinvent wind power?

    If it’s efficient and cheap enough, Apple’s turbine system could solve…

  5. Apple patent app describes storing rotational wind energy via heat in new on-demand electricity generator

    In a new patent application published by the US Patent Office this morning…

  6. iPhone charged – by breathing

    Soon going for a run won’t just help your fitness levels…