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  1. Apple patent applications reveal all-new Apple Watch with wrap-around display and possible Apple HDTV

    Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that delivers quite the punch…

  2. Apple doesn’t need Corning for an iWatch, LG Display is ready to go with flexible OLED displays

    LG made an announcement way back in August 2012…

  3. Apple supplier Corning: It’ll be three years before companies start making ‘Willow’ flexible display products

    Corning Inc., the maker of glass for Apple Inc. iPhones, said it will…

  4. Future iPad could add Siri, tactile feedback and new flexible ‘willow glass’

    Tony Fadell, Apple’s former Senior Vice President of the iPod Division, thinks that Apple…

  5. Corning reveals astounding roll-up Willow glass for flexible displays (with video)

    Could your next smartphone roll up like a tube?