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Apr 15, 2014 - 05:15 PM EDT — AAPL: 517.9599 (-3.7201, -0.71%) | NASDAQ: 4034.161 (+11.467, +0.29%)

Tag: VirnetX Holding Corp

  1. Apple to make changes to VPN behavior in iOS 6.1 as result of VirnetX judgement

    The change to VPN handling stems from a $368 million judgment against Apple…

  2. Judge upholds $368 million patent suit verdict for VirnetX against Apple

    A U.S. District Court has upheld an earlier decision by a federal jury…

  3. Jury slaps Apple with $368.2 million fine over VirnetX patents

    VirnetX Holding Corp. (VHC) rose the most in more than two years after a federal jury…