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  1. Apple’s new iCloud security requirements – what to expect

    Apple has offer enhanced security for iCloud accounts for some time now…

  2. Apple Watch apps: You haven’t seen anything, yet

    As many reviewers have noted, the Apple Watch offers a surprising amount of depth…

  3. Apple’s App Store turns 6: How Steve Jobs’ biggest blunder became one of Apple’s greatest strengths

    It may seem hard to believe, but when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world…

  4. Apple to open Siri to third-party apps, sources say

    Apple engineers are reportedly redesigning Siri so that the iOS voice-driven personal assistant…

  5. Remember geeks, iOS wasn’t made for us

    “Now that Google’s Chrome browser has hit the App Store, there’s renewed consternation in geek circles over iOS’ inability to set something other than Safari as the default web browser.,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.… Read More