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Tag: Steven Spielberg

  1. How Apple can build a better video streaming service

    At this point, the evidence that Apple is jumping into streaming is incontrovertible…

  2. Apple inks deal with Spielberg’s Amblin for ‘Amazing Stories’ reboot

    Apple Inc is betting on acclaimed director and producer Steven Spielberg for its first major foray…

  3. Presidential historian says Clintons sold White House sleepovers, including one to Steve Jobs

    The most blatant corruption charge was levied at the Clintons for ‘selling sleepovers’ in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House

  4. Microsoft to dig up millions of failed 1980s ‘E.T. The Extraterrestrial’ Atari video game cartridges

    A planned excavation of an old Alamogordo landfill to search for…