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  1. Yes, two Apple HomePods really are better than one

    Apple’s iOS 11.4 update introduced HomePod 11.4 which bought two significant new features..

  2. Apple’s HomePod offers parents the satisfaction of being listened to

    We’ve tried a variety of speakers out over the years in our family…

  3. Apple releases iTunes 12.8 with AirPlay 2 support

    Use the AirPlay menu to easily group HomePod, Apple TV, and other AirPlay 2…

  4. How do a pair of HomePods compare to a $180 LG sound bar?

    The HomePod offers great audio quality, and as a pair, fantastic stereo music playback…

  5. iMore reviews Apple’s HomePod: Retina for your ears

    One day, HomePod might be part of a greater SiriOS mesh that…

  6. David Pogue reviews Apple HomePod with stereo and multi-room capabilities: ‘Ooh, man’

    Here’s the happy news for the true-blue Applehead: it works great…

  7. Why Apple shouldn’t have released the HomePod without AirPlay 2

    Apple (finally) released AirPlay 2 this week, which notably offers the ability to create a stereo pair..

  8. HomePod stereo pairing took a frustratingly long time to arrive, but it was worth the wait

    It was a frustratingly long wait for Apple to finally launch AirPlay 2…