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Jun 30, 2015 - 05:15 PM EDT — AAPL: 125.425 (+0.895, +0.72%) | NASDAQ: 4986.87 (+28.40, +0.57%)

Tag: retail sales

  1. Apple averages more sales per square foot than any other U.S. retailer

    Apple beat out luxury retailer Tiffany & Co…

  2. U.S. stocks decline as budget debate concerns, Middle East tensions increase

    U.S. stocks fell as concern about the budget debate in Washington and Middle East…

  3. Apple Stores dominate retail with double the sales per sq. ft. of nearest rival, Tiffany & Co.

    The retail industry is changing faster than ever these days, with most of the attention…

  4. U.S. stocks slip on weaker than expected January retail sales; Apple up on ‘iPad mini’ report

    U.S. stocks slipped as January’s retail sales were weaker than expected…


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