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Tag: psychology

  1. Apple iPads are as good as sedative drugs at calming kids down before surgery

    Apple’s revolutionary iPad can act as a calming force ahead of surgery for children between the ages of four to ten…

  2. Perhaps it’s time to stop taking photos of every little thing?

    Are we all Zeligs of our own lives, wishing to prove our existence by demonstrating where we have been, and what important events we have attended?

  3. Woman claims Wi-Fi is making her sick

    There are those who claim that exposure to wi-fi is making people sick…

  4. Facebook conducts massive psychology experiment on 700,000 unaware users, and you may have been a guinea pig

    A group of scientists from Facebook, the University of California, San Francisco…

  5. Study: People who take pictures of art remember less about the works than those who don’t

    The “photo-taking impairment effect” is real…

  6. iDisorder: iPhone obsession brings no relief for imagined vibrations

    Apple has sold more than 217 million iPhones worldwide and sparked…