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Apr 29, 2016 - 11:54 AM UTC — AAPL: 92.7301 (-2.0999, -2.21%) | NASDAQ: 4754.79 (-50.50, -1.05%)

Tag: Philippe Starck

  1. Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs moves on as she vacations on Jobs-designed ‘Venus’ yacht with former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty

    More than three years after Steve Jobs passed away, it seems that his widow Laurene Powell has found love again…

  2. Photos of Steve Jobs’ yacht in the wild offer first peek at its interior

    It’s the first time we have seen Venus open like this

  3. Steve Jobs’ estate pays up to free impounded mega yacht

    Steve Jobs’s superyacht Venus was free to leave Amsterdam port…

  4. Steve Jobs’ mega yacht impounded over unpaid Starck designer bill

    A superyacht built for Apple Inc’s late co-founder Steve Jobs has been impounded…

  5. Insights into Steve Jobs’ design process revealed; spent 5 years working with Philippe Starck on super yacht ‘Venus’

    Last month, we stumbled upon videos of Steve Jobs’ yacht, the Venus…

  6. Philippe Starck: Oui, that ‘revolutionary Apple product’ is actually Steve Jobs’ family’s yacht

    France’s most famous designer Philippe Starck created a huge internet buzz…

  7. Apple says they’re not working on anything with Philippe Starck

    Apple says it’s not working on anything with Philippe Starck…