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  1. Apple’s billions are building an empire for the future

    Apple now sits on well over $144.7 billion in liquid resources…

  2. Apple may have already covered $42 billion of its overseas cash tax issue

    Apple can access about half of its offshore cash and return it to shareholders…

  3. Google, Apple, eBay shouldn’t pay taxes – people should pay taxes

    Various tech companies sell into the UK from outside the UK….

  4. Wonder if Apple’s $82.6 billion overseas cash holdings came up in Obama and Tim Cook’s weekend chat?

    One of the business leaders President Obama called last weekend before he began…

  5. So how much did Apple really pay in taxes?

    Apple’s effective rates for these periods differ from the statutory federal income tax rate of 35%

  6. How Apple’s phantom taxes hide billions in profit

    On Tuesday, Apple is set to report financial results for the second quarter….

  7. Apple’s showdown with the U.S. government over taxes on offshore cash

    Apple’s cash hoard is roaring, especially overseas…

  8. Apple‘s $74 billion tops list of U.S. tech companies’ overseas cash

    Apple‘s $74 billion in overseas cash tops the list, up from $64 billion in December…

  9. Apple’s secret plan for its mountain of cash: Buying up its own supply chain

    Apple has $100 billion of cash and a lot of ways to spend it…

  10. Apple: Good start; and what about the overseas cash?

    Apple this morning gave what amounts to a partial answer on how it will spend its large cash pile…