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Tag: Mark Hurd

  1. Apple could be biggest beneficiary of Republican tax reform plans, saving at least $47 billion

    Apple will see as much as $47 billion slashed from its expected tax liability if Republicans push through their current tax plan, a figure that exceeds the annual profits of any other US company…

  2. Dow soars 203 points higher to record as Wall Street cheers U.S. Senate passage of major tax bill

    U.S. stocks traded sharply higher on Monday as investor sentiment was boosted the Senate…

  3. Dow and S&P 500 hit all-time highs as chance of passing U.S. tax reform bill increases

    Tax reform was one of President Trump’s main talking points during his campaign last year…

  4. Oracle joins Apple in support of President Trump’s tax repatriation plan

    Oracle’s co-chief executive Mark Hurd has pledged support to any tax change that allows the company…

  5. Former HP exec: HP’s webOS debacle more terrible than Apple’s ‘worst days’

    How did HP get into such a mess with webOS?