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  1. No, you should not be routinely force closing apps on your iPhone and iPad

    Is force closing apps good for my iPhone? Is it actually bad for it?

  2. Apple’s iPad Pro from the perspective of a college student

    With the introduction of the iPad Pro and the subsequent unveiling of iOS 11…

  3. Pixelmator for iOS 2.4 Cobalt adds support for iOS 11

    The Pixelmator Team today released a major update to its full-featured, powerful, and fast image editor…

  4. iPhone and iPad users: Do not regularly force quit apps by swiping them away, warn experts

    It’s a huge technical advantage that iOS holds over Android…

  5. Apple’s software SVP: Quitting multitasking apps in iOS not necessary

    Somehow, it has become a part of mainstream culture for iPhone and iPad users to quit all their apps..

  6. Apple preps iPad dual-app viewing mode, ‘iPad Pro’ models, and multi-user support

    Facing slowing growth for the first time since the iPad’s 2010 debut…

  7. iOS 8’s secret split-screen leaked in developer video

    A secret split-screen option hidden in Apple’s iOS 8 has been leaked in a new video…

  8. Apple granted patent for iOS multitasking user interface

    Apple on Tuesday was awarded a patent for a method which allows smartphone users…