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Oct 24, 2017 - 12:58 AM UTC — AAPL: 157.51 (+1.26, +0.81%) | NASDAQ: 6622.5913 (-6.4619, -0.1%)

Tag: iOS knockoff

  1. Samsung’s plastic, 32-bit Galaxy S5 flops in Korea

    It was found that ‘Galaxy S5,’ Samsung Electronics’ flagship smartphone…

  2. Google’s monetization of Android – or lack thereof

    Android cannot be half as good or as important as Google claims…

  3. Google’s Eric Schmidt: Android ‘clearly’ winning war against Apple

    Google Inc.’s Android is extending its lead over Apple Inc….

  4. Nexus 7 proves Android has grown too complex for Google to properly maintain

    Every update seems to break as much as it improves…

  5. Judge forces Apple to turn over its settlement agreement with HTC to Samsung

    Apple’s attorneys had previously agreed to share a version of the agreement that redacted…

  6. Grinch: Android flaw skips December

    A flaw in the latest version of the Android operating system has resulted…