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Tag: iOS 6 Maps

  1. Apple to Maps manager Williamson: Get lost

    Now that Apple SVP Eddy Cue has had some time to assess the debacle…

  2. Survey says Apple’s Maps app issues aren’t that big of a deal

    A recent poll suggests that most people don’t think Maps has degraded at all in iOS 6…

  3. Apple’s $30 billion maps mistake: Tim Cook’s delayed apology over the maps fiasco tells us a lot about the company’s attitude and management

    Jean-Louis Gassée writes that Tim Cook’s delayed Maps apology…

  4. Apple’s iOS 6 3D Flyovers: More helpful, less creepy than Google Street View

    Apple is incorporating advanced 3D imaging to bring a variety of new features…

  5. Why did Apple have to ditch Google to add turn-by-turn nav?

    iOS 6 will indeed include turn-by-turn navigation capabilities…

  6. TomTom shares surge on Apple deal

    Shares in Dutch navigation device maker TomTom NV have surged on news…


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