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Tag: heart rate

  1. Apple Watch ‘Cardiogram’ app tracks viewer heart rate spikes during ‘Game of Thrones’

    Four out of the top five scenes to cause high pulse rates in viewers centered around…

  2. How wearables knew this researcher was sick long before he did

    Stanford geneticist Michael Snyder’s research into wearable biosensors has turned into a case study demonstrating…

  3. Studies show Fitbit trackers are ‘highly inaccurate’

    Researchers at the California State Polytechnic University showed that the Fitbit devices miscalculated heart rates by up to 20 beats per minute on average…

  4. Apple explains Heart Rate on Apple Watch technology

    The average heart rate is 72 beats per minute…

  5. Nine mobile iHealth Lab personal health devices now integrated with Apple’s HealthKit

    Nine Health Lab personal mobile health devices are now seamlessly integrated with HealthKit in iOS 8

  6. New iPhone case makes Star Trek’s tricorder a reality (with video)

    Reminiscent of the tricorder used by medical staff in Star Trek to remotely scan patients…