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Tag: Google Chrome

  1. It’s official: Apple’s Safari 11 is the world’s fastest browser

    Apple’s Safari 11 beats Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera…

  2. Surfing porn on your Mac isn’t as private as you might think

    Incognito mode is a feature that doesn’t log your browser history or keep cached images, both of which are especially handy if you don’t want anyone knowing what you’re looking at online…

  3. Google’s sneaky new privacy change affects 85% of iPhone users

    What Google really wants is for everybody to be signed in to their Google accounts all the time…

  4. What’s the best Mac Web browser?

    Most Mac users are familiar with Apple’s distinctive Safari web browser…

  5. Google Chrome browser hits top spot in iOS free apps

    Less than 12 hours after initial release, Google Chrome is the number one free app…

  6. Google confirms Chrome browser is to blame for MacBook Air crashes

    Mystery solved!