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Tag: foldable iPhone

  1. LG Display reportedly in OLED supply deal with Apple for iPhone X

    LG Display said the supply deal for organic light-emitting diode panels to Apple’s iPhone X…

  2. Apple seeks patent for a foldable iPhone

    Apple Inc. has filed an application with the U.S. Patent & Trade Office for a bendable electronic device…

  3. Apple teams up with LG Display for foldable iPhone due to concerns over tech leaks to Samsung

    Apple has reportedly started working on a foldable iPhone with LG Display…

  4. Will the next-gen iPhone be a flip phone? Apple is granted another patent for new flexible handset design

    Apple has been granted a patent for a folding phone for the second time in a month…

  5. Apple granted U.S. patent for bendable or foldable iPhone using advanced carbon nanotube structures

    Apple’s first patent regarding foldable smartphone form factors was discovered….