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  1. VFX artist shows how iPhone X TrueDepth camera could be used for 3D animation

    VFX artist Elisha Hung shows how data from the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system could be used to animate 3D characters…

  2. Apple looks ready to tap into the adult make believe market

    Over the years, Comic-Con has become the focal point for the world of comics conventions…

  3. Why did Apple buy motion-capture maker Faceshift?

    It’s not an obvious fit for Apple, so what could be the thinking behind the purchase?

  4. Apple acquires ‘Star Wars’ contributor Faceshift

    Apple has purchased Faceshift, a Zurich-based maker of motion-capture technology…

  5. Apple has purchased facial motion-capture company FaceShift

    Apple may have recently purchased FaceShift, a Swiss tech company specializing in real-time markerless facial motion capture…