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Dec 18, 2014 - 05:15 PM EST — AAPL: 112.65 (0.00, +0%) | NASDAQ: 4748.396 (+104.085, +2.24%)

Tag: executive compensation

  1. Apple’s Peter Oppenheimer takes lead in CFO pay

    Last year Apple awarded CFO Peter Oppenheimer a pay package valued at $68.6 million…

  2. After precipitous stock slide, Apple Board puts 40 percent of Tim Cook’s pay package at risk

    Are you an investor who feel bummed out about Apple’s 41 percent stock slide in the last year?

  3. No, Apple’s senior VPs are not the S&P 500’s best-paid execs

    No, their ‘pay’ didn’t jump…

  4. CNBC’s list of highest paid CEOs: #1 Apple’s Tim Cook sifted through data from the S&P 500 to find the 21 CEOs…

  5. Forstall could bank another $45 million if Tim Cook lets him stay through June 21st

    When did Scott Forstall know he was in trouble at Apple?

  6. Tim Cook’s modest home: Apple’s CEO certainly doesn’t live like America’s ‘highest paid CEO’

    In an organization that frowned on talking about money…


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