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  1. Apple: Where the modern corporation is going

    As Apple approaches a market cap of $1 trillion with a return on shareholder’s equity of 36.1 percent in 2017…

  2. Apple as a service: Services offer growth, visibility, and profitability

    Apple Services is the 2nd of 4 pillars to our Apple as a Service thesis…

  3. AAPL’s paradigm shift

    About every 10 years, there is a new paradigm that drives Apple….

  4. Verizon’s ‘Go Unlimited’ plan throttles all smartphone video streaming to 480p

    Today the biggest US carrier announced that its existing unlimited data plan is being divided into three new options…

  5. Verizon to stream Super Bowl live via LTE Multicast

    Verizon Wireless will fulfill a vision it revealed a year ago by streaming the 2014 Super Bowl live…