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Aug 27, 2015 - 05:15 PM EDT — AAPL: 112.92 (+3.23, +2.94%) | NASDAQ: 4812.71 (+115.17, +2.45%)

Tag: CEO compensation

  1. CNBC’s list of highest paid CEOs: #1 Apple’s Tim Cook sifted through data from the S&P 500 to find the 21 CEOs…

  2. Marissa Mayer to get close to $60 million (and maybe more) as Yahoo CEO

    Yahoo revealed in a regulatory filing that it could be paying its new CEO Marissa Mayer…

  3. Apple’s Tim Cook tops the list of highest-paid CEOs

    Apple Inc. is betting $378 million that Tim Cook is the right guy…

  4. The New York Times blows it, gets Apple CEO Tim Cook’s earnings spectacularly wrong

    The New York Times had a lot of fun with Tim Cooks’ compensation…


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