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Aug 31, 2015 - 05:15 PM EDT — AAPL: 112.76 (-0.53, -0.47%) | NASDAQ: 4776.51 (-51.82, -1.07%)

Tag: capex

  1. Apple’s capital expenditures to rise to $11 billion for fiscal 2014

    Apple Inc. plans to increase spending on manufacturing equipment…

  2. Adam Lashinsky: What Apple’s earnings really mean, and what’s that $9 billion in ‘equipment’ for?

    If ever a company can afford to invest in its future, it’s Apple…

  3. Asymco: The new age of Capital Intensity

    In its fiscal year 2012 Apple spent about $10 billion…

  4. Did Apple use $2 billion to bail out Sharp last quarter?

    Sharp was in serious trouble last summer…

  5. Barclays: Apple’s capex may indicate 2012 sales above estimates

    The Street is modeling $139 billion in revenue for Apple’s 2012 fiscal year…


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