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Aug 03, 2015 - 05:15 PM EDT — AAPL: 118.44 (-2.86, -2.36%) | NASDAQ: 5115.38 (-12.90, -0.25%)

Tag: burglary

  1. Bungling burglar loses iPhone during crime, sets home on fire; iPhone survives blaze, leads police to him

    A bungling burglar who set fire to a home after losing his mobile left behind…

  2. Car drives through Apple Store Berkeley in smash-and-grab burglary

    A car was driven through the glass façade of the Apple store on Berkeley’s 4th Street…

  3. Yet again this year, the only tech worth stealing is Apple’s

    As I have pointed out in years past…

  4. Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ app catches would-be rapist in less than an hour

    A would-be rapist was arrested in under an hour thanks to

  5. Kariem McFarlin gets 7 years for burglarizing Steve Jobs’ home, other Bay Area residences

    Kariem McFarlin was sentenced this week to seven years in state prison for burglarizing the late Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto home…

  6. Burglary at Microsoft research campus, only iPads taken; No Microsoft products reported stolen

    A report popped up yesterday that Microsoft communicated to police…

  7. ‘Kenny the Clown’ had iPad stolen from Steve Jobs’ home

    What would you do if you had Steve Jobs’ iPad?

  8. Burglar who swiped Steve Jobs’ wallet, Macs, iOS devices quickly traced after powering up iPad

    Kariem McFarlin, a 35-year-old Alemeda, Calif., confessed that his crime…

  9. Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto home burglarized; More than $60,000 worth of ‘computers and personal items’ stolen

    Not even the home of Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs has escaped…

  10. Robber in ninja costume drives car into Greensboro Apple Store

    The Apple Store in Greensboro will be closed all day Friday…

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